“50 Balmain pieces stolen” just days before Paris Fashion Week – World News Network

The Paris Fashion Week will be held between September 25 and October 3. Balmain's show is scheduled in the French capital on September 27.

Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Important aspects of this auspicious day – World News Network

‘Vishwakarma Jayanti’ is a Hindu festival that celebrates Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect and craftsman of the gods. It is celebrated on September 17 this year.

Moral reasoning displays characteristic patterns in brain: Research – World News Network

Philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists have passionately argued whether moral judgments share something distinctive that separates them from non-moral matters. Moral monists claim that morality is unified by a common characteristic and that all moral issues involve concerns about harm.

Kindergarten misbehaviour may cost society in the long run: Study – World News Network

For the first time, a new economic analysis has linked kindergarten pupils' misbehaviour to significant societal costs in terms of criminality, associated medical expenses, and lost productivity as they grow up.

Air pollution makes it difficult for bees to find flowers: Research – World News Network

According to a new study, air pollution prevents bees from finding flowers because it degrades the scent.

Study reveals sense of order distinguishes humans from other animals – World News Network

Already earlier research at Stockholm University has suggested that only humans have the ability to recognize and remember so-called sequential information and that this ability is a fundamental building block underlying unique human cultural abilities.