Study finds genes linked to neurodevelopmental problem in infants – World News Network

Expanding newborn screening (NBS) to include detecting genes linked to an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) will do more harm than good, claimed a recent Paediatrics article.

Exercise in the morning helps with weight management: Study – World News Network

Despite conflicting epidemiological results regarding the best time to exercise for weight loss, a study suggests that the best time of day to increase the relationship between daily moderate to vigorous physical activity and obesity is between the hours of 7 and 9 in the morning.

Study finds dental health may lower risk of head, neck cancer – World News Network

Significant correlations between dental health and survival among people with head and neck cancer were discovered by a multi-national investigation. Increased survival was linked to better oral health, as measured by the percentage of natural teeth and dental visits before diagnosis.

Study discovers link between gut microbiome, bone density – World News Network

According to a new study published in Frontiers in Endocrinology, there is rising evidence that the relative abundance of certain gut microorganisms may be associated with bone health.

Researchers find how Alzheimer’s disease linked to genetic variants with brain cell function – World News Network

Scientists investigating Alzheimer's disease (AD) have discovered millions of genetic variations in the genome that contribute to the progression of this progressive neurological illness.

Skipping counselling does not increase cancer gene test distress: Study – World News Network

According to research published in JAMA Oncology, skipping genetic counselling before or after a distant screening for inherited risk of ovarian or breast cancer does not raise pain, worry, or depression.